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"Caminito"- Canaro, 1926
"Senores, yo soy del Centro" - D'Agostino milonga
"Maipo" - De Caro, 1953
"Entre tu amor y mi amor" - De Angelis/Godoy
"Volvamos a emprezar" - De Angelis/Larroca
"Luis Alberto" - D'Arienzo 1952
"Bien Pulenta", "No Ya Mas", "Y suma y sigue" - D'Arienzo/late Echangue
"Esa Noche" - De Angelis vals
"La Cieguiya" and "Victoria" - Fresedo Sexteto
"Tango Mio" - Fresedo/Ruiz
"Angustia" - Fresedo/Ray
Two missing Biagi valses
Biagi vocals "Si la llegaran a ver" and "Senor, Senor"
Revisited Troilo/Marino, added "Sin Palabras", "Torrente" and few others
Canaro Fama: "Mala Suerte", "El Vino Triste", "Algun Dia Te Dire"
Canaro Maida: "Cambalache", "Vijos Tiempos"
Several De Angelis Larroca songs
"Margo" by Calo / Iriate and 2 missing Beron songs
Fixed Biagi groups
Thanks again to Božidar for some great suggestions
Added Biagi Late Instrumentals "Bar Exposicion", etc. I originally removed them, but I think they worth mentioning.
Completely redegisned Biagi groups: please take a look and let me know if it makes sence.
Added missing songs, suggested by Božidar Popović: Buscandote �fresedo/ruiz, Si No Me Engańa El Corazon �fresedo/ruiz, Esperame En El Cielo �biagi/duval, Mi Alondra �biagi/duval, Por la vuelta �lomuto/omar, Dice un refran �d'agostino/vargas, Cautivo –troilo/fiorentino. Thanks for Božidar!!!
Added Milonga Del Aguatero - OTV
Added songs: De Angelis "Bajo El Cono Azul", Di Sarli "Zorro Plateado", Fresedo "Un Amor", Troilo "Sosiego En La Noche", Malerba "Guardia Vieja"
Thanks to Edison, Geoff and Andrew for heads up!
Some new orchestra pictures
Added Tanturi "Eso Sos Vos"
Added Laurenz "Come El Hornero" and milonga "Chaterp Del Aquel Entonces"
Added Di Sarli "Corazon" 1955 with Pomar, looks like some people like it
Removed Canaro "Soy Un Arlequin" and "Envidia" by French Canaro
Small D'Agostino/Vargas cleanup
Added De Angleis "El Vals De Noche Buena" (vals), removed "Olga".
Added D'Arienzo "Claudinette" (Maure). Thanks Andrew Brown for the hint.
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Marked essential groups with - more on this later.
Added more songs suggested by Andrew Brown (several Di Sarli vocals, Tanturi/Campos, Troilo/Marino and a few valses)
Compressed song list for faster loading!
Added 3 missing Pugliese vocals (thanks to Andrew Brown) and rearranged Pugliese groups.
Added 3 Lomuto tracks from album "Buenos Aires Querido".
Added Nada and Verdemar by Calo.
Updated most of Lomuto singers.
Split D'Arienzo valses in two subgroups.
Small bug fixes.
Fixed layout for IE7.
New colors.

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